VINCI - Classic Rock At It's Best


you can hear samples of songs with green letters…

VINCI – First  (1995)

The Shooter
Get Your Wings
Irish Smell Of Spring
The Sixth Sense
Chance Of Life
The Good Times
What About You
Love’s A Jailor
Welcome Home

VINCI – Rome  (1997)

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day
Never Wanna Say Goodbye

VINCI – There Have All The Good Times Gone (1999)

If God Were Sleeping
It’s Raining
There Have All The Good Times Gone
Angel Smile
Backward Man
Wavin’The Stars
Counting Every Minute
Set Me Free
Indian Girl
Walkin‘ Alone
Can’t Stop Writing
Say Goodbye

VINCI – Tales Of History (2000)

Byzantinean Night
Teutonic Gods
Moonlight Of Gethsemane
Leonardo’s Flight
Great Funeral For Da Vinci
The Hun’s King
Billy The Kid And The Stupborn Horse
The Dream Of Napoleon
Barbarossa’s Coachride
Last Day In Calypso

VINCI – Life Is (2015)

Dance Of The Rats
Four Wheel Drive
Everybody’s Crazy
Dancing On The Rainbow
The Way To The Top
Overnight Sensation
Not This Evening
Ocean’s Core
Silent Realm
Beauty Of Songs
Lay Down And Smile

Medley of „Life is“

VINCI – Lady Of The Dawn – One (2022)

(old songs-new recordings)

Lady Of The Dawn

One (listen at „videos“)