VINCI - Classic Rock At It's Best

About vinci-project

vinci – music is a classic-rock project of tom blendinger.
tom lives in the middle of germany near the town wuerzburg. he composes, plays all instruments, records and mixes all titles. his special instrument is the rock- guitar.

the vinci – project started in 1994, when tom and wolfgang riegel recorded the first album, called „vinci“.
the label „long island records“ distributed the cd all over the world. very good critics made the album and especially the song „the shooter“ an insider-tip for good classic-rock-music.

In 1995 the videoclip of „the shooter“ was an often showed in many heavy-rock-discos.

1997 the 2nd vinci CD, a maxi CD with 4 songs was recorded. the singer, wolf riegel, made this 4 songs his last at the vinci – project. he prefered to lead his private life with his family without taking records anymore.

between 1998 and 2001 tom recorded in his studio especially for other bands and projects for example a gospel-cd or tracks for the band number nine. this band took also a song composed by tom for a single-CD. the name was „vision on the dark“.
( in this time tom made many experiences in other styles of music and also in computer-engineering and studio technics.

In 2001 the third vinci-CD was recorded. the name „there have all the good times gone“. tom sung also all titles to get the recordings save, till a new singer was found. these recordings stay unfinished till today.

2003 and 2004 tom made experiences with instrumental tracks. so he decided to make an exclusively instrumental classic-rock album. the critics were very good. the new kind of composing and arranging has been a very interesting experience.

the cd „tales of history“ tells about great events and important personalities of our history.
(get a taste on the „discography“ – site)
for technical informations take a look at the studio/recordings-site!

2012 the vinci-project found a new fantastic singer: – martin riegel!

a brandnew cd with 14 songs of finest classic-rock was recorded between 2012 and 2015! the record was released in June 2015! listen to it on „Discography