the CD releases

wanna hear the songs? there's a small sample of each song - enjoy!

the first one:   VINCI (1995)
1. the shooter
2. get your wings
3. smell of spring
4. sixth sense
5. chance of life
6. 1999
7. one
8. the good times
9. what about you
10. love' s a jailor
11. welcome home
the second is a maxi -CD
"rome wasn't built in a day" (1997)

1. everybody
2. rome wasn't built in a day
3. never wanna say goodbye
4. madhouse

the third:
"there have all the good times gone"

1. if god were sleepin`
2. it's raining
3. there have all the good times gone
4. angel smile
5. echnaton
6. backward man
7. wavin' the stars
8. countin' every minute
9. set me free
10. indian girl
11. walkin' alone

12. can't stop writing

13. say goodbye

the fourth (instrumental) : "tales of history" (2003)

1. byzantinean night
2. teutonic gods
3. moonlight of gethsemane
4. leonardos flight
5. great funeral for da vinci
6. the hun's king
7. billy the kid and the stupborn horse
8. the dream of napoleon
9. amadeus
10. yanomani
11. barbarossa's coachride
12. last day in calypso

Video "the shooter" the video of "the shooter"

alvailiable as svcd playable in all dvd-players and computers,
which  have the software to play svcd/dvd

the fifth: VINCI - life is (2015)


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